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Precision Plasma Cutting Services in The Toronto Area
Precision Plasma Cutting Service A plasma cutting company should be able to provide more than just precisely cut materials. While the actual job is important, Advanced Profiles can offer supreme industrial cutting services due to our reliable equipment, advanced technological knowledge of the work and our large facilities.
Our Equipment and Location
By coming to Advanced Profiles, our customers can rest assured that their materials will only come in contact with the most up to date equipment available. Our machines enable us to offer services for production mode and the plasma precision tolerances range from ¼ inch for aluminum and mild steel and 3/32 inches for stainless steel. These starting points actually meet and exceed the ISO 9013:2003 Range Specification.
The types of materials that require plasma cutting are usually not light or small. When looking for a profiling company, it is vital to research how and if they will store your materials. Advanced Profiles makes the dropping off and picking up process as simple as possible and are able to store your materials safely until you pick them up.
Our equipment tables are 18 feet by 60 feet allowing us to profile material of virtually any size. By using such large equipment tables and high precision machinery, our company can accommodate a wider range of clients. Therefore, regardless the size of the job, Advanced Profiles can offer our services.
Dedication to Technology
Precision Plasma Cutting Service In a business such as plasma cutting, we believe it is important to remain current with the latest technologies available. By understanding how equipment and profiling technology advances and works, we are able to provide our customers with the most cost-efficient jobs with fast turnaround. In addition, the fully knowledgeable people who work with us can decipher your requirements from your own drawings. From your sketches, we can come up with an accurate price range and a reasonable time frame upon which your job will be completed.
What Else We Can Do For You
There are many materials that are unable to tolerate the heat that comes with plasma cutting. Because of this, Advanced Profiles also offers professional waterjet cutting services. Waterjet cutting differs as the material is cut with a high-pressure jet that uses water combined with an abrasive substance allowing for precise cuts and angles. We are also offering beveling services that enable us to cut combination bevels on material up to 1-¼ inches thick. We combine our beveling capabilities with the precision plasma cutting in order to offer our clients top services.
Due to our advanced technological equipment and large location, Advanced Profiles can truly accommodate all of your plasma cutting needs. We can also expand on those services in a variety of different ways by providing waterjet cutting and beveling. Advanced Profiles is truly the place you can trust with your precision cutting requirements. Call us at 905-694-1245.
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